Wine-come back!

Okay that might be a far-reaching title; instead of “Welcome” I wanted to make a cute wine pun…yeah, yeah, I won’t quit my day job. Ha!

Dang, a lot of time has passed since my last post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been drinking some delicious wines…at least not the whole time. I most recently was not drinking as I was busy growing a beautiful bundle of joy who arrived earlier this year! Needless to say, it’s been a very busy and exciting past year and there’s much to celebrate. And just because I wasn’t drinking doesn’t mean I wasn’t still stocking my wine racks with new finds. 😉

The idea behind this blog was to help me branch out and explore different wine varietals so I didn’t just stick to the same one or two. Goodness knows there’s plenty of variety in wines on this planet…if you don’t like a wine you don’t like a wine. It’s not like you don’t like all wines!

I can confidently say that I have expanded my palate considerably since starting this adventure, and I don’t plan to stop. However, sometimes I get my hands on other really, really good wines made with a varietal I’ve already covered. Because I don’t want you to miss out on some newer recommendations, and I personally want more practice doing more formal tastings, I’m going to somewhat change up how I plan to post.

I’ll continue to feature varietal-specific posts and tastings, but I’ll also dedicate posts to wines I think you all should be introduced to. [Yes, I ended that last sentence in a preposition, Mom.] For instance, I recently picked up a Viognier made by a producer that Karen MacNeil says makes some of the most exquisite wines of this varietal. So even though I’ve already done a Viognier post, I’d likely write one that focuses on the wine/producer. Cool? Cool.

I’ve missed doing this, and look forward to getting back at it…now if only the baby will sleep enough to let me do it!

Cheers, friends! And if there are any wines you think I should try, drop me a note!!

Flashback to pre-baby, pre-house days of drinking “with” my FRIENDS. 😉

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