To bump up my education on wine and guide me on this journey, I’ve invested time (and money) into some resources that you may find helpful. I hope to keep this a running list of items – with links – for books, websites, and tools I have either used myself, or which I think may be useful. Sure, you can get them elsewhere, but I tend to shop on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, so links to items I’ve purchased will likely direct you there.

IMG_2165Here are some useful books I’ve found and/or read along this journey:

Some other websites that I’ve found invaluable:

  • Wine Folly’s Blog (I love the way the information is presented. It’s easy to navigate and goes in depth without overwhelming)
  • Wine information from Napa Valley? This seems like a no-brainer.

And let’s not forget to mention some other, fun items for wine lovers:

  • Moleskine’s Wine Journal – it essentially guides you through a tasting.
  • Another option is the Wine Tasting Notebook 
  • Don’t want the journal? Try Wine Folly’s Tasting Placemats!
  • Vacu Vin Wine Saver (I use this all the time – it helps preserve your wine a little longer, which is nice if you don’t finish the bottle in one or two days)
  • Movies: Somm, Somm: Into the Bottle, and Somm 3 are really interesting! The first follows some folks who are studying for the Master Sommelier exam; the second includes some of those same people and goes beyond tasting, diving into what the process is like and the experience of wine, without being dry (though I do like dry wines); the third resists The Judgement of Paris tasting and reenacts it with its own twist with some very big names in wine.

Happy drinking!