I’m Jamie, a thirty-something girl originally from the Chicago suburbs but transplanted to the Milwaukee area, whose interest in wine continues to grow. While I always enjoyed the delicious glass with my parents or out with friends, I was never one to dive any deeper into the makings of these wines, or truly give much thought about what I was drinking. I generally trusted – and enjoyed! – my parents selections, favoring a robust Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon. While these are probably two of the most common types of wine people drink today, I recently realized there is much to learn about them, and beyond.

With the launch of a new year (2018), I resolved to broaden my exploration into wine: to not only taste new varietals, but also delve deeper into what goes into the bottle…and what better excuse than this to open a new bottle of wine each week!


Inspired by a challenge I found – to ‘try at least 34 of the 55 varietals’ listed in one of my wine books – my goal is to travel the world through wine and expand my horizons. I’m more of a red girl myself and would never willingly order a ‘sweet’ wine, but in order to increase my appreciation of the beverage and refine my palate, I’m up for the challenge!

Since embarking on the blog and podcast journeys, I tested my knowledge through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). In March 2019, I sat for the Level II in Wine & Spirits and passed – with distinction! In 2020, my sights are focused on becoming a Certified Specialist of Wine through the Society for Wine Educators – online classes and at-home studying are underway! I continue to look for more opportunities to advance my knowledge of this beautiful world, where science and art marry together to make this delicious beverage.

If you have any suggestions for wines to drink, regions to study, or just plain want to chat about wine, please share with me! Happy (and safe) drinking!