It’s official: DBP is live

I’ve mentioned it before in passing…

You’ve all seen the special wine glass I had made, broke, and had a new one made (yep!)…

Now you can experience the fruits of my and my friend Sarah’s labor in our new podcast which just went live last Friday: Drunk Bitches Podcast.


Check out our website at

We’ll be posting weekly episodes (although everyone is in for a real big treat with three episodes released for our launch!), during which we connect a present-day topic with a wine (calling all creative wine label-makers!). We drink, we laugh, we talk, we unwind. Join us as we dive into a bottle and a topic, and give you a little lip with each sip. 😉


It’s available to stream on Apple Podcast, Google Play, and Stitcher as of now, and we’re working on getting it on other podcast streaming platforms. You can also find the Drunk Bitches Podcast on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter with our @dbpcheers.

So get ready for some fun, as we pass the wine! Cheers!!!!

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